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The emergence of Intercoin Capital is not only to amaze the world, but to conquer the world.

ROMAN ARAYAN - Chief Executive Officer

XDream 3.0 is the dream of investors in cryptocurrency trading. Its emergence will definitely open up the dream of investors all over the world.

JOSH BASILADZE - Chief Technology Officer

We are familiar with hedging arbitrage technique in finance investment. Applying artificial intelligence technology is the future trend of the financial sector.

ALEX PEARSON - Arbitrage Expert

A good product can’t speak for itself. Great products deserve great marketing. A comprehensive marketing can achieve the power of branding.

LAUREN TRACEY - Senior Marketing Manager



2019 IntercoinX Strategy Committee Meeting in Hangzhou, China

04.01.2019 IntercoinX Grand Launching Conference in Macau, China

26.04.2018 Intercoin Capital First Strategy Committee Summit Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

03.11.2018 Intercoin Capital Asia Pacific Strategy Committee Summit Meeting in Phuket, Thailand

13.09.2018 Intercoin Capital New Era Conference in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

2018 Interoin Capital New Era Conference Party Event